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Options Plumbing: From Pipe Dreams to Reality

Don Hill is the founder and owner of Options Plumbing. Don has a considerable amount of experience in the plumbing industry, he started plumbing in 1998 and over the years gained valuable experience working for plumbing companies both big and small. In 2003, Don earned his master plumbing license. Since then, he has acquired knowledge about running a plumbing company by being the master plumber for Red Oak ISD and a local plumbing company for over 21 years. Don spent the past 25 years building a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in the plumbing industry and takes pride in now running his own company where he can offer customers fair prices, honest work, and reliable plumbing repairs.

Don and his wife, Rebecca, have lived in Red Oak since 2001. They raised two sons, Hunter (24) and Chance (22), who both graduated from Red Oak High School. Both Hunter and Chance were active in sports throughout their high school years and started working as Plumbing Apprentices during the Summer after they turned 16. After high school, Hunter and Chance began working in the plumbing industry full time, and after 4,000+ hours of apprentice work, they both passed the Texas State Board of Plumbing exam and became licensed plumbers.

Don has had a dream of opening his own plumbing company for many years, so after both his sons became plumbers themselves, Don decided it was time to turn his dream into reality. The Hills started doing research and taking steps to open Options Plumbing in early 2022. In June 2022, Don and Chance began working out of their garage doing plumbing work for family, friends, and neighbors. Word of Options Plumbing’s excellent customer service and fair prices spread quickly, and soon they were getting enough calls for Hunter to be able to start working for the growing family business.

A few months later, Don hired his younger sister Marjorie to be Options Plumbing’s dispatcher and office manager. Marjorie has nearly 5 years of experience as a plumbing dispatcher and is amazing at communicating with customers and plumbers to create the schedule and ensure every customer has the best experience possible.

As more calls started coming in each week, Don was able to bring Marjorie’s husband, Justin, onto the Options Plumbing team. Justin has been a plumber for 20 years and has experience in residential and commercial plumbing. Because of Justin’s wide variety of experiences as a plumber, his expertise and integrity make him the perfect fit to be Options Plumbing’s service manager. Justin works in the field as well as assisting with decision making when it comes scheduling and any other unforeseen circumstances. Justin is currently working toward earning his Master Plumbing License.

With more employees and arising opportunities to get involved in communities across Ellis County through social media and community events, Margorie was in need of assistance in the office. Don and Margorie made the decision to bring Don’s wife, Rebecca, and Hunter’s fiancé, Abigail, to the Options Plumbing team. Rebecca focuses on getting involved in community events and networking with other local businesses at Chamber of Commerce meetings. She has a bubbly and kind personality, which makes this position perfect for her! Abigail focuses on social media marketing, a position she is perfect for considering she’s a Gen Z social media pro! Abigail is creative and has a great eye for design, which always shows in the posts and designs she creates.

As Options Plumbing continued to gain recognition across Ellis County, Brian, Don’s brother, joined Options Plumbing. Brian has over 20 years of experience as a plumber. Not only is Brian a knowledgeable plumber, he also has a friendly personality that makes him great at talking to customers and really helping them understand the repairs being made in their homes and all the options they have. Brian is currently working toward earning his Master Plumbing License.

In addition to our wonderful plumbers and office staff, Options Plumbing also has two plumbing apprentices, or “helpers”. Plumbing apprentices assist licensed plumbers on jobs and earn hours toward being able to test for their own Texas State Plumbing License. Dominique is 18 years old and has been working at Options Plumbing for almost a year, he is a great help to our plumbers and is always able to be here when he’s needed. Option’s newest hire is 18-year-old, Noah. Noah is eager to learn more about the plumbing trade and has been a great new asset to the Options Plumbing team. Dominique and Noah are both family friends of the Hills and graduated from Red Oak High School.

Don and his family are so grateful for all the support Options Plumbing has received since its opening in 2022. Not only has Don achieved his dream of opening his own plumbing company, but he was able to start a company that supports his family members and allows them to work together every day. Without all the recommendations and reviews from our customers and without the support from local businesses, Options Plumbing wouldn’t be the “family owned and operated” business we are so proud to be. Everyone at Options Plumbing looks forward to continuing to offer excellent customer service and honest work to our customers for generations to come!